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Hi, my name is Shane and not as it has been a while since he had no spicy stories my wife ( Alba ) and then there is no 'double Gang Bang - published on October 5 third. ' Things were pretty quiet in the face of sex, too quiet, I decided it was time for the group a little more fun and that my chances of Alba and her best friend January third, because the idea was to play more I mentioned once only waiting for the right time is, unfortunately for me, my fucking sexy redhead had other ideas and had done more in one night during a vigorous sex after talking pillow that just came out and said. 'We already have a bit dull lately, why not organize fun', my cock began to shake the hold, he replied, 'what's in mind,' says a little more intelligent look in his eyes and had his little daughter voice when he said. 'Why do not you go to something fun to invite Matt and I, two roosters' Matt was enjoying our neighbor fucked my previous posts were a few early morning youmonths before, in fact his wife, Kate, probably four of them, but Dawn wanted two cocks for themselves. After some discussion it was agreed that I contacted Matt to come soon, when you turn, the dawn of a trio mission for me to make arrangements with the January busty Matt finally they accepted the idea of ​​easily his wife went to a bridal shower this weekend (a fact, Dawn knew by the way), so the opportunity was there and it was the date. The evening party of our trio approached Matt knocked on our door and invited him to the room. I fixed the two a couple of drinks to calm rigid, dawn was ready to enjoy a wine up for the night. I put on some music and Matt and I talked, especially to reassure others that perfectgirls the good of the situation after all that fun-loving adults. breezed evening after a short time in the room when I was up, I do not know about what he did, he said, there was certainly at dress, because everything she wore was black stockings, garters and matching black bra, in fact, Matt and I, where over dressed for the occasion. Dawn was standing in front of the fireplace glass in one hand and one hand on the hip with a hoarse voice excessively said ' good guys are the shit ' Matt pushed against them hesitant, almost in tune with myself, fell laughed Aurora has both were in our youth, I was right and began kissing her passionately to our welcome mat turned and kissed him, I saw his tongue fight. I took her bra - locked in the chest and stroked it gently with the other hand, awkwardly trying to make my own jeans invested, while in the embrace of Alba with Matt, who took the opportunity to quickly take out was locked, Matt had his pert tits bra and unhooked the screen where he perfectgirls eagerly sucks and caressing. Dawn looked at me and smiled at my stiff and painful, hard cock that taught me to undress Matt resolutionUmed my position at his side, and eagerly began to feed on his breast. Now, a naked Matt was on the other side and began to push and tease her tit free, Dawn had some work has begun in my hand has reached her bare ass of a peach, my fingers waiting for the promise of the warm wetness sought to introduce you to explore her pussy, my disappointment with the target values ​​he finds it, it was clear Matt finger with residence in the hole of love Dawn, at least, because of their heavy breathing. evening knelt between the two of us, our attention cocks his head high, as if ready for the inspection of both taken cautiously and smiled as he found them began to shake, which collided with my mouth and suck gently began offering Matt then perfectgirls turned post and provides the same treatment. He pushed the two together and our cocks like a real bitch is at both ends, sucking his tongue enjoyed the taste of the two men, I was anxious for things to move forward and Instructed my wife on the couch, she spread her legs expectantly and I sat on my knee. My fingers spread her pussy lips and my tongue began to lick her sticky wet hole and seek your sensitive clitoris, Matt was on the couch next to her and licked her pussy is the emotion I perfectgirls was sucked my cock. morning of our three oral and lay on the floor of the room, she spread her legs to show her cunt 'fuck me somebody,' she declared, as our guest Matt gave me perfectgirls to understand that lead, which is Just ask, I saw he kneeled between her legs and rubbed the gun in her vagina with a movement of his hips, Aurora joined the full support perfectgirls of adequate lubrication. I saw my wife, our neighbor, was banned fucked moans loud when he told her what she wanted and her tits shook every shot. After some time, changes in position and Dawn has style in her hands and knees for Dogs, Matt and she mounted behind aCSR shook with the impact, I decided to get back into action and offered his cock in the perfectgirls mouth Dawn, who celebrated her red hair while taking a toast. Matt pulled out, and rushed to take his position back to the early dawn I saw my dick in lustful as his hole penetrated for the first time, to tell her juices flowing in an understatement, it was a her wave her body began to shake and the pulse in orgasm (she later told me that the idea of two men in their contribution in seconds to reach it ). Matt has been observed that caught her back, her ass brown on a white screen too good to pass up, I wet my finger and gently into the anus of work ' Ohhh yes Shane finger my ass,' he exclaimed. I started injecting small amounts into it, but I was on my full orgasm (a technique that Matt also took his full orgasm, he said later, to extend), added to its moisture. I went to her pussy, Matt was on the couch, his cock throbbing Pro SAudly, did not protest the dawn uninvited straddled him and impaled on his cock, she started going up and down the pace a bit stylish. I had received a brilliant view of this traffic and a bad idea in mind, I took Dawn to Matt tail is placed at its entrance. perfectgirls perfectgirls Dawn said the position to know, that was something I pushed my cock with Matt behind her, ' What do you want,' she laughed, 'having two cocks in her pussy,' I said perfectgirls breathlessly, she laughed again, but this time with a touch of greed out of control, 'what kind of girls do you think I am,' he said jokingly, 'whore,' said Matt. We have N in our campaign ends in hell before stopping because it was achieved was uncomfortable, but because of our efforts, she gave her consent for double penetration - the conventional way, for want perfectgirls of a better word. Matt was on the perfectgirls floor and Dawn straddled him, his cock fully penetrated them, who lent us allowed me to lick your fingers and anus eagerland lubrication. I knelt behind him and slid my cock against her anus wet after much softer sound and patience he perfectgirls managed to enter her tight hole, I slowly pushed my cock in full then leave them all to take stock of the situation, I could feel his cock in my pussy neighbors wife. Dawn of breath, perfectgirls ' I can not believe that we are condemned this' and Matt laughed in response, 'whore greeeaat oooh yesss ' Dawn screamed, she began to rock creates friction between cocks and holes. After a while Matt and I took the slow movement of our two cocks in and out of there respective homes, the three of us, pleasurable moans issuing the pants ohh yessss strangers, as if to confirm ecstasy. Mild urgency and consciously won perfectgirls him to be our body went into a rhythm of mutual pleasure, Dawn began trousers became more urgent, and soon her body started to change in sandwich orgasmic pleasure shaking her pussy juice flowing over Matt shit perfectgirls balls 'Ohh childrenshe cried, it was too much for me so I moved her anus I think Matt had the same idea, as it facilitates the gentle twilight of his tail. She was among us, and knelt next to her face and wanked our cocks spoke urgently true porn star dawn encouraging words style and opened his mouth and licked his lips and waited. 'Oh, yeah, bitch,' I moaned as my cum splashed hard into his face, Matt had a great groan when he shot on his face in harmony with my orgasm. Dawn was there with a brave smile on her face, went sore but satisfied. I had thought only in the future and Jans big tits in my mind
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